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IFS is an evidence based individual therapy that rests on the idea that we all naturally have many internal parts functioning in different ways to protect us and help navigate our world.  This mindfulness based treatment helps guide the process of understanding how different parts of you may be functioning well or getting in your way.  It will help generate increased self compassion while accessing your core Self's natural ability to heal and guide you forward. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are both evidence based therapies that integrate mindfulness and meditation practices with techniques designed to help you make connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They are designed to help you learn to make more skillful choices to manage mood and behavior.


DBT Skills Training is a therapy workshop that teaches skills to improve mindfulness, improve communication, regulate emotions, and decrease impulsivity. 

The DBT Graduates Group is for individuals who have completed at least one full round of skills training and are at a level of competence and behavioral control where they are ready for an advanced group. This group does not focus on teaching skills but on providing ongoing support for maintaining skills usage in complex day to day situations.

The LGBTQIA+ DBT Group is a standard DBT skills training group designed especially for individuals who identify as part of the community to be able to learn skills in a supportive and affirmative space with peers.



Individual clinical consultation and supervision for professional development

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